Here we go, down the 4th block on Easy Street!!


We’re getting there…….about halfway down the block now!!


At the end of the block!!!  Aren’t they pretty?


Well, so that you don’t think all of my geese are so pretty, here are a couple that got away from me!  I think they look like volcanoes instead of nice sharp mountain peaks.  They’ve blown their tops!!  Luckily, I only ended up with a few of these and I decided that I’m going to live with them! No one will notice, right?


I have my green squares all cut and everything is in the tray awaiting our next instructions from Bonnie Hunter!  Check out all of the other posts on her site for Step 4 of this fun mystery quilt here.


If you still haven’t joined us, it’s not too late!!  This promises to be yet another beautiful Bonnie quilt!!

Happy Quilting!!