Here are my latest Quilts for Kids.  The first two were made from fabric out of my extensive stash.  The first one is a cowboy theme.  I free-hand quilted barbed wired on this quilt – it was quick and easy.  Best of all, it looks so cute!!  The second one is cute frogs and flowerpots.  I just love pink and green together – so cheerful!!  I free-hand quilted flowers and butterflies on this quilt – alternating in the border as well as the in the blocks.  The third quilt pictured is a “rescue” quilt.  It came to me as a juvenile delinquent.  One of my fellow Quilt Guild members started it as a quilt for her bed.  After paper-piecing the blocks in the center of this quilt, she decided it wasn’t want she wanted.  At that point, she decided to make a charity quilt of it.  She started working on it and because the edges are all bias (she had removed the paper stabilizing the blocks), she had issues with the border rippling.  She said that she had worked on it 3 times and was done – did I want to see what I could do with it.  Well, I put a black inner border on it by starching the life out of it, measuring it, marking a straight line, and then placing a pin every half inch or so.  Once I got the inner border tamed, it went together fairly easily.  I used some cream kona cotton for the backing.  I think this joint adventured turned out wonderful and some child will love it!!