I occasionally check out craigslist to see what kind of machines have made it to the list.  I found this Singer Treadle 66-1.  It had been listed about 2 weeks and the price had dropped from $65 to $50.  I thought about it for a while and then decided to ask some of my Quilting Board Yahoo Group friends what they thought.  Well, one of my friends there sent me a private message asking for the link.  After looking at the machine, she pretty much said, “GO!!”  I went, looked, and $40 later came home with this baby!  She needs a couple of parts but seems to be in great condition.  I can’t wait to get her going again….oh, the stories she could tell!! Photos show what is missing, what was included, and the machine.  The last 3 photos are photos of a “Rotary Magic Buttonholer” which was in one of the cabinet drawers.  I’m trying to figure that one out!