One of my very good friends has been “hinting” for a quilt for ages. Well, not really hinting.  Every time she tells me I “should” do her a quilt, I tell her that I would be happy to HELP her make herself one!  Well, she redecorated her living room in yellow and blue and I happened upon a kit at Connecting Threads that I thought she would like.  So, I ordered it and made it for her.  She doesn’t know it’s coming yet – we’re having lunch next week and I’ll take it to her then.  Hopefully, she will like it!  If not, well, it can just stay home with me.  I don’t have any yellow and blue but I’m willing to keep it anyway!

If you haven’t tried Connecting Treads, they are worth a shot.  The fabric in the kit was very generous and the instructions were clear.  I’ve been pleased with everything I’ve purchased from them!

Hugs and Kisses or Donna

Here is the label – the name of the kit was “Hugs and Kisses.”  The photo is Donna and me at a baseball game – Donna on the right, me on the left.

Donna's label