Well, having that box of little pieces all done was really getting to me!  I couldn’t wait . . . . I had to go ahead and skip the border and put the guts of this quilt together.  I love it!!!  I’m glad that I did this mystery quilt – I would have never started this had I seen the photo first!  I would have thought, “too hard!!”  Bonnie did a great job of breaking it down and keeping me interested – it went together like a dream!  It may take me a while to get the border done.  I’m working on 3 other quilts along with this one and I’m getting ready to go out of town to see my new little great niece!  Thanks again, Bonnie!!!  Uh, for the quilt, not the niece.  I don’t think you had anything to do with her!


Orca Bay Minus Border - Not yet ironed!!